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Are you wanting to get started in a simple way? Are you already trying but things aren’t working out? This webinar gives you the foundations that every Sustainability initiative or strategy needs. “What Is Sustainability?”, “What Are The Benefits?” and “How Can I Implement Successfully?” Detailing the benefits, market trends, different methodologies for implementation and guidance on the soft skills that are required to support a collaborative and easy roll out. Information for this webinar is a summary of the Successful Sustainability Online Course, and details the simple 5 Step to Sustainability Framework and an introduction to B Corp with Anna Sangare.

With 15 years of Sustainability Consultancy in the local and international market, Gayle has a strong understanding of market movements and benefits of implementing sustainability. Renowned for her upbeat can-do attitude and as a catalyst for change, Gayle activates empowerment and inspiration.

Discover or learn more about the B Corp movement : a worldwide community of leaders using business as a force for good, creating positive impact while balancing profit and purpose. Explore the B Corp framework and discover how you can use the free online and confidential assessment tools to start, structure or boost your company’s sustainability practices. This session will also cover an introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Manager, a free assessment and reporting tool on your company’s contribution to the SDGs.

Anna is an experienced Sustainability consultant, supporting businesses in their transformation into a positive force for social and environmental change. Her rich experience spans various countries, industries and types of businesses.

This session will be dedicated to questions & answers from the audience related to sustainability and its implementation within YOUR organization.
Come with your questions and challenges and our team will inspire you with ideas, advice, case studies and solutions!

An introduction to key components and processes needed to develop sustainable business models that meet the Sustainable Development Goals, and insights into further funding opportunities and tools for sustainable businesses.

Yasmin shares on the importance of community in sustainability. How mindset and togetherness create a solid foundation for growth, and entrepreneurship with soul. Presenting her online support community and mentoring programme Zen Entrepreneur she provides tools and self awareness to the conscious business network.

Do  you  get lost in the world of how to use digital marketing tools to best promote your business and speak to the audience that matters?

From finding your audience, choosing the right social media channels and picking your key messages, we’ll cover tips and insights on how to position yourself as a purpose-driven brand and communicate the positive impact your services and products have for your customers and the planet.  

SEAM aims to raise awareness about social entrepreneurship, and foster the growth and success of social enterprises who contribute to the well-being of a social, cultural or environmental cause in Malta. Our objective is also to lobby for the recognition of the Social Enterprise Act as a legal business type.

SEAM – Social Entrepreneurs Association Malta

Names: Roberta Lepre, Zen D’Amato Gautam, Emanuela de Giorgio, Alexandra Cachia, Patrizia Patti, Viviana Premazzi

Everything is interconnected. Sustainable businesses should take care of the environment and promote inclusive working communities, helping their clients and employees to grow as responsible citizens and reliable teammates.

Who we are

Birthed from a combination of over 25 years of consultancy in sustainability within multiple sectors, Strategic Roots is your ideal partner if you want to integrate and implement sustainability in your business.

Are you interested in balancing profitability and positive social and environmental change in your community ? We offer clear and simple methodology, creating tangible outcomes to embark your organisation on its sustainability journey while strengthening your operations and brand.

A mix of real time industry experience, knowledge of the international market, a huge dose of charisma and reassuring personability makes this consultancy one to engage for effective results.

What we offer

Sustainability Consultancy

Companies and Organisations​

Our approach is a holistic overview, you set the parameters, and we help you to create the right way forward for you


Training of in-house staff, external suppliers, or third parties. We have a training or workshop for you!

Aims and objectives​

Ascertaining business aims
and objectives​​. Aligning your visions and values.


Whether internal or external, roll out or campaign, we can assist you

Facilitating sessions

Sessions to take you from your aims to implementation of strategy and policy utilising our 12 or 5 Step to Sustainability Frameworks

Ongoing Consultation

Once you are up and running we can coach you as required to keep you on track

Carbon Footprinting

Whether you are a business, NGO, or an individual that wishes to know your carbon footprint on the planet, we can calculate it for you.

We will help you understand what aspects of your activities we will calculate the carbon emissions of, facilitate data gathering and work the calculations of the carbon emissions you give off. Furthermore, we can offer the option to offset your carbon footprint. and the amount of Carbon you give off can be ‘take out’ of the atmosphere and create a positive impact with initiatives

Get Started With The
5 Step Framework

Want to get started but you don’t know how? Our simple “5 Step to Sustainability Framework” solves all your problems!

Our simple 5 Step To Sustainability Framework has been created after working for over 10 years with clients, especially based in Malta. Who are not ready to take a larger step into certification but want to make a difference and want to get started now. It is easy to undertake, relatively time and workload light, and has clear steps that we guide you through.

The 5 Step takes your company from creation to completion. From your initial ideas on the aims and objectives of your sustainability initiatives, to being able to roll out a tailored policy or strategy created around the focus areas that are the most relevant and achievable for your business.

The system involves a set of sessions, facilitated by our consultants, to support you through this process and is part of the 12 Step To Sustainability Framework that you can learn more about in our online course “Successful Sustainability”.

Turn around can be within 2 months or elongated depending on the structure of your business and scope of the aims and objectives. It is a great kickstarter to get you going! Then when you are ready, you can launch into the 12 Step or head for certification with B Corp or one of the other international certifications.

Get Certified with The B Corp Certification

Already doing some sustainability initiatives and keen to take the next step? 

Certified B Corporations form a community of leaders and drive a global movement of people using business as a force for good.  “B Corps” are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. The movement is rapidly expanding throughout the globe with now over 500+ B Corps in Europe and more than 2700 across the world, in 64 countries and 150 industries.

If you feel you are not ready for certification, there is the free, online Business Impact Assessment (BIA) tool. This robust sustainability assessment tool, adapting to your company size, industry and country,  will guide you in your sustainability journey, even if you are just getting started. You can also use it as a sustainability management tool within your organization, to track your progress, assess your impact and set your priorities. You do not have to be certified to use this free, comprehensive and didactic tool, compiling some of the best certification standards and even some best practices to inspire you for greater impact!

Contact us to explore how to use the BIA to start, assess, refresh your sustainability strategy and journey  and if you want to learn more about the certification process and the B Community.

Events or Hospitality?

We offer a more specialist service for you.


Are you a DMC, CVB. PCO or event organiser?

Want Sustainability Consultancy for an event or an overarching company policy?
Global Green Events offers a selection of online resources, training courses, environmental supplier list and consultancy for umbrella organisations, DMC’s or individual events. From policy creation to positive campaigning.”


Are you a restaurant, café, bar in Malta?

Want a sustainability certification endorsed by the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change and the Malta Tourism Authority?
Sustainable Eats and Treats offers consultancy for hospitality outlets and a sustainability certification.”

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About Us


Sustainability Consultant:
Gayle Murphy

Gayle Murphy is CEO of Global Green Events Ltd, founder of Strategic Roots sustainability consultancy and Sustainable Eats&Treats.

With 15 years of Sustainability Consultancy in the local and international market, Gayle has a strong understanding of the market movements, the benefits of implementing sustainability, and how important this is in these times where investors, partners and consumers are asking for it. Gayle’s focus is to implement holistic strategy and policies to assist businesses, events and associations to create tailormade long-term foundations, with engaging and empowering initiatives for all involved. Creating businesses and organisations into vehicles for positive change.

After years of working with clients she has created simple 12 Step and 5 Step Frameworks for Successful Sustainability. These can be delivered face to face using facilitation sessions or clients can learn the process and undergo it internally by following the Online Course material in Successful Sustainability. An overview of 10 years of sustainability consultancy, this course is a wealth of knowledge, from strategy, to systems design, to engagement, for anyone who wants to make sustainability a success. This framework has been implemented successfully by Dr Juice, CarobTree Food Court, Festivals Malta, EC Meetings and many others.  It is based around the international GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) structure, which Gayle is certified in.

Full of charisma and a passion for inspiration and empowerment that gets even the biggest cynic on board, Gayle provides upbeat interactive trainings, talks, workshops and strategic action through facilitation sessions and her online courses.

A huge fan of neuroscience, and creating the life we want to lead, Gayle combines science with personal development to assist in making sustainability a success, and it all starts with us.


Sustainability Consultant:
Anna Sangare

With a diverse decade of experience, including 5 years in strategic consulting in the leading Sustainability, Innovation and Strategy consultancy in France and first French certified B Corp, Anna provides a strategic and holistic approach to transform businesses into a positive force for social and environmental change. 

Co-creation is a cornerstone of her practice, combining strategic vision, innovation and pragmatism, to redefine mission & purpose, business model, brands, products & services in order to engage employees, clients/customers and partners in the creation of more human, joyful and sustainable communities. 

Trained by B Lab Switzerland, Anna is able to guide you through the B Corporation certification process and use of the free, online Business Impact Assessment tool. She brings her international perspective, thanks to a work history spanning different countries and continents (Europe and USA), industries (Catering, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Jewellery, Banking, Insurance) – and types of organizations, from multinationals to medium-sized companies, family businesses and NGOs.


Sustainability Consultant:
Camille Bon

Camille is passionate about promoting and enabling positive change to build a more sustainable future.

She started her career in the IT Industry in Canada where she improved and optimised business processes to the best practises of the industry by the use of technological solutions.
Through this experience, she realized that companies success was mainly limited to the financial results to the detriment of the environmental and human aspects.

Moved by the willpower to make the world a better place, she followed her conviction to study Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This granted her with a 360º understanding of Sustainable Management.

Since she moved to Malta one year ago, she has been advising companies in the gaming sector on how they can operate in a responsible way.

Among other projects, she is involved in the management of The Veg Box, a social business that supports local agriculture. She partaked in the definition of their new mission to establish a rural hub for local consumption and environmental education – An initiative that has been recognised and rewarded for its positive impact through its place in the final of the Malta Social Impact Award.

What Our clients Say

"Itaque earum rerum hic tenetur a sapiente delectus, ut aut reiciendis voluptatibus maiores alias consequatur aut perferendis dolor. Similique at tellus magna Adipisci facilisis optio incidunt, corrupti minus nibh sequi convallis magnam neque gravida vel consequatur mi iaculis magnis felis eleifend laboriosam explicabo fuga. Earum fugiat cillum harum!"
John J.
" Aptent mus quisque porttitor convallis tempora eaque blandit phasellus perspiciatis lectus, exercitationem."
Smith T.
" Aptent mus quisque porttitor convallis tempora eaque blandit phasellus perspiciatis lectus, exercitationem Porttitor consectetur fugit ligula officiis rhoncus litora deserunt ratione curae beatae! Augue faucibu"
Michelle P.

Ready to get started?

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and Talks

Gayle also presents a series of corporate and self-development workshops and talks for corporates, entrepreneurs and change makers.


In today’s world the stresses of running a business and a team can be high. Time is often ‘short’, and hours are long.
Employees are motivated by the feeling of working with purpose, inclusivity, and connection between themselves, their job and the colleagues they work with.
Creating an environment where all can thrive in the workplace is essential for a cohesive team. Where a collective vision unites the way forward and each individual has opportunity to work at their potential through a supportive framework.
Learn some simple practices for yourself and your team to work better, together.”

After 10 years focussed on making change Gayle has learned that there are a few key elements that are must haves for every change maker, whether you are an entrepreneur, passionate employee or ambitious activist!
Having gone from a no one searching for a voice, to someone who guides and advises ministers, Gayle has managed to reach places that passionate change makers crave to reach.
An interactive workshop where you learn tangible skills as well as spend time on your own inner journey towards stepping into your highest calling of you!

A mix of philosophies based on vibrational attunement, neuroscience, utilising the morphogenetic field, breathwork and meditation. Knowledge is power, and it can help us to clear our own way into practice and action that clears us from blocks of the past and launches us into our vision of the future. A mixture of information and tools learned and well used, this workshop will cover some of the vastness of your own potential and how to tap into it.

Communication can sometimes be one of the hardest things in relationships… between friends, family, lovers. But there is help at hand!
Understanding what lies beneath communication, knowing ourselves, and facing our fears to share them lead us towards a clearer, more empowered way of expression.
The key to expressing is to give yourself the tools, to know where you are coming from, to be able to hear others (however they are expressing) and to be supported in creating a safe space where you can both feel heard.
This workshop raises awareness in the science of communication, what is beneath all our connections, what motivates and what triggers us, and gives insight into how to be able to hear and be heard.

Gayle will take you through an hour of exploring the avenues of connection that we have around us. Too often in modern society we can experience a deep sense of loneliness. A disconnection from one another and the planet. Sometimes, we are looking for connection externally, often in the wrong places. This workshop allows us to stop, breathe and explore ways to keep our cup full in this busy world. Through our breath, our environment, and through one another.

A workshop setting a space for quiet and presence. Teaching the science behind meditation and then guiding the participants into a deep connection with themselves. From breathwork to silence. Utilising a practice using numbers, this meditation can be done by anyone of any ages, genders and religions.


A presentation full of case studies to inspire, industry stats, initiatives and global market positioning. Building a business case for clients or industry can be one of the key assists to getting engagement in sustainable initiatives and ventures. Understanding what gets the juices flowing in your sector when it comes to investing time and energy into a new business format.”

A brief overview of the elements of the online course. The A to Z process of implementing sustainability in a way that creates success. From policy creation, to systems design and communications planning. Details on the physical and operational best practices and methodologies and providing guidance on the soft skills that are required to support a collaborative and easy roll out.

Relationship is the foundation of all of business. From your internal team, to clients, suppliers and service providers. Without strong foundations business can come a struggle, and with elements of the ship moving in a direction that is against the tides. Whether you are leading a team, or part of one, relationships is everything. Soft skills for business are often the most uncommon, yet the most powerful for a productive, efficient easy flow in the workplace.””

Online Courses

Successful Sustainability

Sustainability is a thriving new area of business, events and culture, with the benefits of implementation reaching far beyond the costs of outlay. A must for all organisations, events and individuals wanting to step forward into a long term sustainable future and make its mark in the international playing field. Content moves from aims and objectives, to systems design, engagement plans and includes the 5 Step and 12 Step to Sustainability Frameworks.

Soft Skills for Change Makers and Entrepreneurs

The all-important personal skills you need to create a family feeling, the warm fuzzies that come from working with people where communication is easy, challenges are ridden like surfboards of professionals, and even the most tricky of situations are navigated with efficient and effective team work, internally and externally
Tools For Life

A 10 session course taking you on a journey through all the tools you need to create a version of your life that you wake up everyday happy to be living! From self care practices, daily connection, communication skills, to creating the life you want, day by day, and goal setting for the future. An amalgamation of all the workshops Gayle offers, in one online course.”.

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